Workshops & Webinars

Over the years, A’ra has lead and assisted with a variety of workshops. Whether as a way for people to heal or an avenue to deepen into spiritual connection, all of her endeavors have helped people expand their consciousness.

She believes that every experience is to evolve our Souls, expand our consciousness, and open our hearts to greater love. Each of her workshops has been designed with this in mind. Each yes to assisting others with their workshops came after a deliberate investigation and meditation into the alignment of the workshop with her purpose.

In the upcoming months, look for a fresh look and experience to her workshops.

Upcoming Opportunities

Workshops, Retreats and other Gatherings: 

  • A Journey Through Sacred Sexuality, Reclaiming the Divine Feminine
    This intimate 8 week session happens each Spring and Fall. Contact her with your interest.
  • The Divine Feminine In and Outside of the Bedroom
  • Candid Conversations on Sacred Sexuality – monthly Meetup group
  • 1 Day Meditation Retreat – Summer of 2014
  • Bringing the Divine Feminine into the Business World
  • Weekend Retreat

Visit her Calendar page for more information, confirmed dates and registration.

In an effort to create opportunities that honor people’s time, she is in the process of turning her workshops into webinars. They are being developed with you in mind so as to provide the most individual, intimate experience you desire.

Upcoming Webinars:

  • Quantum Healing – Unlocking Your Cellular Energy Potential
  • Reclaiming the Divine Feminine – The Gift of the Goddess in Your Life
  • Life Balance Mastery – Opening to the Flow