“It has been my extreme pleasure to explore spiritual pathways & the manifestation thoughts into realities with A’ra Blair. Many thanks to you A’ra, & your gift of enlightenment to all of those who cross your path.!” ~ Lisa Snyder, I.R.I.S. Certified, Space-Lifts Business Owner

“A’ra clearly embodies the principles she teaches and is a great example and mentor. Her work with me is inspired and effective. I have broken through many personal barriers with her at my side. I highly recommend her services and insight.” ~ Sheri Stubbs, RScP, BA in Psychology

“I have given some heart- felt thoughts as to what blessings A’ra has brought to my live. After seeing her several times for spiritual counsel, I asked her to come to my home to join with me and several friends in blessing the business I was beginning. A’ra helped to guide our hearts and minds so that each person was able to contribute their wishes for me. Those wishes still give me joy. And my business is continuing to grow from a solid link with my Source. Thanks A’ra!  I also continue to enjoy and receive inspiration from her website and blogs.” ~ Barb Warner, MEd, Powerful Tools For the Second Half of Life Business Owner

 “My experience of  A’ra Blair as a councilor and  practitioner have been fruitful.  I always come away with a shift in perspective and belief. I think her greatest gift is her intuition and how tapped into the Divine she is.  Personally I know A’ra as committed, alive, and a heart of great love for the work that moves through her as a beneficial presence on the planet. Thank you A’ra for the gift on my path.” ~ Jeannine Belongea, RScP, X-Ray Technician, Instructor

“A’ra has been instrumental in my spiritual, intellectual, and personal growth. Many chains have been broken for me, including some pretty big chains and she has not only been a major catalyst but also very supportive through the years. She is an incredible teacher.  So many light rays have become emitted for me due to her ability to convey such powerful messages in so many facets, including not only my own spirituality but also theology, health, psychology, philosophy, humanity and most important, Love and non-judgment. Because of her work, I now move forward with confidence that I can still overcome barriers simply by knowing that the power of spirit is within me always; no matter where I go or what I want to achieve; there are no limits, there are no boundaries.” ~ Daren O’Brien, BS, AAS, Biologist, Wilderness Photographer, Drummer

“A’ra possesses a rather unique blend of the deeply spiritual and profoundly practical, and, as such, is able to offer excellent advice and counsel that works in the “real world”.  Based on her advice, I was able to maintain far better consistency and depth in my personal spiritual practices than I had ever before, in several decades of trying. She is also extraordinarily intuitive.  This affords her a great deal of insight into your life and present situation, even in areas that you yourself are not consciously aware of.  A’ra is such a gentle white light and powerful locus of healing energy that you are bound to benefit greatly from her help.” ~ Lloyd McElheny

“I saw A’ra across the room at a workshop and felt drawn to work with her.  Her energy was strong yet safe.  I have worked with her around many areas of my life and each time she has shown compassion, wisdom, strong intuition and an immense amount of knowledge.  Her versatility to work with very physical challenges to the very non-physical energetic challenges is extremely impressive.  Her meditations and visualizations have helped me build a better foundation for the life of my dreams.  I always love how open and accepting she is of what I want out of life or what I want to work on.  Thank you, A’ra.  You are a bright light and may many more be as fortunate as I am to work with you.” ~ Meka Davis, Artist at www.FairyPhotoArt.com

“A’ra’s soul is beautiful and she exudes this beauty in all that she says and does.  Balanced with this beauty is wisdom and common sense.  The combination of these three characteristics makes her an amazing life coach. In a non-judgmental manner she encourages discussions of paths you have already chosen and might raise the “common sense” question: “How’s that working for you?” She is able to open windows and doors that will let you see the opportunities of future pathways.  She encourages you to consider those paths and helps you to choose what works for you.  Recognizing a block in your moving forward, she might ask you “What would happen if you did that?” A’ra has successfully helped me deal with a “family situation” that I simply was not able to resolve on my own.  I have recommended A’ra’s services to friends of mine and I encourage anyone who is looking for insight, honesty and wisdom to arrange some sessions with her.” ~ Client, Financial Consultant, Denver, CO

“A’ra is in my opinion the best Practitioner our spirituality has to offer..she walks the talk.   A’ra has the ability to see through the crap and call me on it.  This ability allowed me to keep on tract, remain true to my higher Self, and not rationalize my way out of the work I needed to do.  The results were amazing!  I will use no one else.” ~ Russell Bowe, OED

“A’ra and I had been prayer partners for many years.  I cherished our time as we help each other remember who we truly are, and I am always in awe of the power of prayer.  A’ra asks questions that help me to move forward, especially if I am in my stuff.  She listens deeply and cares compassionately.  I am so grateful for my soul sister A’ra.” ~ Cindy Cleveland, RN, RScP