Spiritual Counseling

Are you lacking purpose and meaning in your life?
Do you find yourself stuck in the same old patterns with no clue how to shift things?
Does life feel more like a burden then a pleasure?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’ve come to the right place. Let A’ra support you in creating the life you truly deserve. Sit down, have a sip of tea, and breathe. Welcome to your new life.

As a Licensed Professional Spiritual Practitioner, A’ra offers spiritual counseling in a private and relaxing setting that assures confidentiality, candor, and insightful awareness of your divine truth. Her intent is to facilitate your recognition of your wholeness in every moment and every experience.

Your connection to Source is critical in saying yes to life!

It’s the element that’s often missing in a balanced life. Without it, fear, doubt, lack, and limitation paint a picture that makes living a life of plenty seem impossible. But, like Michelangelo saw the David in the block of marble, A’ra sees the perfection in you and offers loving support and affirmative prayer to help you chisel away the illusions of imperfection and discontent.

Affirmative Prayer is a five step process for aligning you with your truth!

Step 1 – Recognition of the One Infinite Source
Step 2 – Unification with between you and that Source
Step 3 – Realization of your desired outcome
Step 4 – Gratitude now as an activation of your desired outcome
Step 5 – Release into Divine Law for manifestation to occur

Here is what you can frequently experience with A’ra as your spiritual counselor and guide:

A deeper sense of connection to Source
A new, fresh perspectives on your life circumstances
A variety of easy to use meditation techniques
Shifts in your awareness of the Presence of Spirit working in your life
A deep sense of gratitude for the abundance you enjoy
Tools for advancing your spiritual practice at home
Increased confidence and self-esteem
Trust and acceptance of Life on Life’s terms
Improved financial flow
The release of old patterns that no longer serve you
A skill-set for setting appropriate limits and boundaries
Greater balance in all areas of your life
A profound sense of self-worth and self-love
Deep forgiveness of self and others

We are in a time pregnant with possibility. By serving as the Power for Change, A’ra offers her expertise, passion, and support for you to step into your new life with confidence and gusto.

As Ernest Holmes stated: There is a power in the universe, and you can use it!

Whether you’ve been affected by the economy, a health challenge, a relationship shift, or simply want to vamp up your business or spiritual practice, A’ra can support you in recreating your life and reinventing yourself.

Contact A’ra today, why delay? She’s available for private consultations on an appointment basis in person or by phone. Her fees are reasonable and flexible. She offers one time rates or packaged deals depending on your desire and ability to invest in yourself. E-mail her to schedule an appointment.