Soul Journey

Our Soul’s Journey is a deep longing for Intimacy with the Divine!

It’s a Sacred Dance of Masculine and Feminine energy.

It’s a revealing of Oneness and Unity that brings all aspects of self into Balance.

Our Souls are on an evolutionary path. They came into these gender specific bodies to learn. Each interaction is vital to our Soul’s full expression. Each experience furthers our Soul’s understanding of Its Divinity.

The best way for your to honor your Soul’s Journey is to become the Omnipotent Observer of your life. Spend time each day in meditation with the intention of emptying in order to be filled with Divine insight. This provides an open invitation for the Divine to freely express in and as your life.

This is required for the Dance of Intimacy between Soul and Divinity. 

Allow your Soul it’s voice. This is imperative to your healing and your wholeness. Allow your Soul its freedom to dive into the Sacred Dance of Intimacy with the Divine. This is for what your Soul hungers.

Be willing to do what it takes to trust the Divine completely. Be willing to see everything as absolutely needed and necessary. Be willing to celebrate each holy now moment with joy and enthusiasm. Be present and aware of every miracle.

Live in the question,

How do I show up in this holy moment, fully open, alive, and ready to receive Divine Guidance?

In this is a new kind of Knowing which has the potential to heal the world. In this you become a conduit for your Soul’s journey, bringing balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself. This balance helps accelerate your Soul’s journey.