Sacred Masculine

In the Presence of the Sacred Masculine

Our Sacred Masculine expression operates from a Power of unconditional love and acceptance.

Like a healthy father, the Sacred Masculine sees all and knows all but allows us to find our way. His word is suggestion and guidance rather than a mandate, offered only when His wisdom is sought.

The Sacred Masculine sees through any diminished sense of self, offering protection, guidance, strength, and encouragement instead. In the presence of this higher, sacred sense of self, fear dissolves and kindness emerges as a firm rock of stability.

The Sacred Masculine sees nothing to dominate; therefore, He is open to all possibilities. Wrapped in the arms of his confidence is an inner security that allows Him to support the Divine Feminine in fully expressing her sexuality and sensuality. He knows this will bring the Power of a Genuine Source to both.

This open acceptance invokes an intimate communion where these two aspects of ourselves melt into One and our Soul is Healed.

In the presence of our the Sacred Masculine, our ego takes Its rightful place as servant to the master.