Pure Awareness Coaching

When one is living in Pure Awareness, Life unfolds with ease and grace causing manifestation to happen instantly. It is …

  • A state of being where you are fully and absolutely tapped into Infinite Intelligence.
  • A way of experiencing Life with the fullness of who you are.
  • A quiet, peaceful place, pregnant with possibility and bursting with potential.

How does one know if they have experienced Pure Awareness?
If you have a meditation practice or have used visualization of any form, you may have experienced the essence of Pure Awareness.

Pure Awareness Coaching Teaches You How …
You are always receiving guidance that supports your Soul’s Purpose. Often times, that guidance comes when you least expect it. It’s at those times that the vale between your human experience and Pure Awareness is the thinnest.

However, Ego is a cunning gatekeeper. In its attempt to keep you safe, it often thwarts any guidance that may cause you to change. Have you noticed how the fear and disillusionment left in Ego’s wake often prevents you from pursuing your dreams.

Breaking Through the Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning
Using Pure Awareness techniques has had a considerable impact on A’ra’s life. She has trained with Tom Stone of Great Life Technologies to perfect her coaching practice because she wants to offer something to her clients that would help them unravel the mystery of “Why.”

  • Why do I always end up back in this same place?
  • Why doesn’t anything I do seem to do work?
  • Why is it so hard for me to change self-destructive behaviors?

Much of the way we operate is based on childhood experiences that created beliefs and reactions that prevent us from getting hurt. Once you recognize these core dynamics, you can use Pure Awareness techniques to release them. As you free up vital life force energy, you’ll be able to pursue your dreams with gusto and enthusiasm, confident that you will succeed.

Living from Pure Awareness – You respond spontaneously to the needs of the moment with the fullness of your being!

If you’d like to learn more, contact A’ra today. She’ll help you move beyond the core dynamics and show you how to create a state of Pure Awareness. The initial 30 minute consult is free for a limited time. For more information, check out Tom’s book, The Power of How.

Take your life back today and …

  • Operate from clarity without the need to force anything
  • Feel things fully without the fear of overwhelm
  • Know that you are whole, perfect, and complete, exactly as you are.

A’ra’s available for private consultations on an appointment basis, but space is limited. She offer 3 and 6 month packages that include 3 one hour phone or in-person sessions per month and 10 email responses. You’ll receive a 10% discount if payment is made in full. If you’re ready to invest in yourself, contact A’ra today.