Divine Feminine

Courting the Divine Feminine

She appears in our lives offering so many gifts, yet her presence is subtle. In the elegance that she exudes is a humility, patient enough to wait for our invitation. When we feel her stir within and say yes to her presence, she reveals what a vital part of our existence she is.

Courting the magnificence of the Divine Feminine is not an endeavor to take lightly. While she nurtures and protects us with a fierce, unconditional love and unbridled strength, the revelation of her truth requires nothing less than our complete vulnerability.

Her true essence is seeped in self-love and self-acceptance which she uses to teach us the true meaning of receptivity. In her playfulness is an exquisite sensuality and innocent sexuality that reveals her prolific genius, her genuine power, her creative ability to dance in the compliment of opposites.

She is sometimes wild, sometimes reserved, sometimes zany, sometimes pristine, sometimes bold, sometimes hesitant and shy. She is sometimes the story teller and sometimes the story. She can cry and laugh, feel excited and disappointed all in the same breath.

At times she may seem unreasonable, irresponsible, moody, and downright impossible, but that’s just a reflection of your own insecurities. With patience and openness, all that is the Goddess will make sense – and then it won’t, but it won’t matter.

She feels all her feelings completely, basking in the sheer joy and excitement of being alive, in the moment, present with all that there is. She balances all of who she is with compassion and curiosity and leaves no Soul unexplored. She is here to transform lives.

It’s a delicate walk, courting the Divine Feminine, filled with the promise of grace and beauty. When we open our hearts to let her shine, life opens up to us, revealing humanity’s wholeness.

Photo credit: Abstract Desktopnexus