Connections & Collaborations

Welcome to the Temple

In this space, there is infinite possibility to create and collaborate on dynamic and fulfilling workshops that feed the soul and enliven the spirit. This is a place where conscious community gathers to connect, to collaborate, and to gain clarity on passions and purpose. If you’d like to present to groups and gatherings that support personal empowerment and global enlightenment, A’ra offers a supportive opportunity to collaborate. Community connections and collaborative projects are the purpose of the Temple and the Red Tent. It may be a space that’s right for you and the work you’re ready to birth into the world.

  • What is it that you long to create?
  • What gifts do you want to offer to others?
  • What is it that you want to present?

Perhaps you’d like to be part of other community gatherings. Gatherings in the Temple happen at least monthly. Connections and collaboration on projects are as vast as Intimate Relationship Workshops and Butterfly Emerging for teens as well as visionings and private sessions. Candid Conversations on Sacred Sexuality is a monthly gathering of conscious friends, new and old, interested in creating a paradigm shift in how we view, think, and talk about sexuality. Journey Groups are 8 circle sessions for women that provide a safe, loving, authentic journey into self/Self. This journey into Reclaiming the Divine Feminine is complete with meditations, rituals, and an Elemental Releasing Ceremony at the end.

Drum Circles and Ecstatic Dance have now been added to the list of enriching community gatherings, happening in the Temple and Red Tent.

It’s time to add your retreat or workshop to the list of successful collaborations presented in the Temple. It’s time for you to join in Conscious Community and share your gifts and talents.

We welcome you – contact A’ra today.