Communing With the Infinite

A’ra’s first book takes you on an intimate journey into the realm of possibilities

  • She teaches you how to Commune with the Infinite and recognize subtle ways to tap into your inner guidance.
  • She demonstrates that Spirit’s presence is in our everyday lives. It’s always available to help each of us step into our authentic self.

Communing BookA’ra’s journey is compelling and hopeful.

  • She incorporates tools, creativity, and a journey template to gently guide you from fear and stagnation to freedom of expression and purpose.
  • She shows you fun and easy approaches for creating your own awareness and developing spiritual practices that allow you to Commune with the Infinite.

“A’ra Blair beautifully shares her personal collection of powerful self-healing tools. They have changed her life and they can change yours!” ~ Deborah Sandella PhD, RN Award-winning author, Releasing the Inner Magician

“Ms Blair is an excellent writer and through her writing shares her soulfulness by gently inviting you to walk beside her on the journey of awakening. Her every word holds a mirror reflection of your spiritual path. A’ra’s courage and compassion capture you totally!” ~ Patty Luckenback, MA, DD, Author, The Kingdom of Heart & The Land of Tears is a Secret Place

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