PTSD & Trauma Resolution Counseling

“The times I’ve had the privilege of helping people move beyond the traumas from their past are some of my most rewarding experiences. It continues to bring me to teas to witness a victim of trauma move to survivor and finally to a place of thriving in their lives.” ~` A’ra Blair

A’ra’s passion for this kind of work comes from what it personally did for her. she had a rapid break through from her trauma at her training with Great Life Technologies.  She is now committed to helping others achieve the same results.

You no longer have to suffer the negative effects of PTSD from…

  •  Child Abuse or Incest
  •  Rape or Sexual Assault
  •  Military Service and War
  •  Spousal Abusive
  •  Financial Collapse

As a woman, A’ra has reclaimed her body and mind so that she thrives in her career and love life. she knows the power of releasing negative thoughts and feelings in order to live in joy and peace. She can help you do the same.

As an adult, A’ra lives her life free of the negative influences of growing up in a dysfunctional, alcoholic family riddled with mental illness. She let go of her past and she can show you how to do the same.

As a veteran, and First Sergeant of a 300+ army hospital, A’ra’s soldiers served all over the world, including Afghanistan and Iraq. Caring for their fellow soldiers caused a unique type of “vicarious trauma” PTSD because of “what they saw!” Her greatest mission sent her on a quest to overcome the traumas of war. She’s passionate about helping her military family heal their PTSD and gain their lives back.

As a trauma resolution specialist, A’ra’s training with Great Life Technologies provided an in-depth study in the causes and cure for PTSD. She’s invested time, effort, and resources in learning the most current techniques and processes. In these processes lies your freedom.

“In my training with Tom Stone, I witnessed again and again, fellow service members heal their PTSD. It didn’t matter whether their PTSD came from Vietnam or any of the recent wars. It was gone.”

During the training, Tom selected A’ra as a volunteer to demonstrate one of the TRS processes. When this exercise resolved her rape trauma, she knew she could use it to help others resolve any trauma. Through her experiential efficacy, she is able to help those who have suffered the debilitating effects of…

War                            Rape                           Abuse                  Vicarious Trauma

If you’re tired of living with the symptoms of PTSD, let A’ra show you the way out of the dark and pain. She’s available for private consultations in person or by phone. Military personnel are served on a love-offering basis. She offers a sliding scale fee for all others because

“I believe that no one should have to live with the symptoms of PTSD.”

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