Coaching & Counseling

You have within you all the strength, talent, and know-how necessary to create wellbeing and optimize success in all areas of your life. All you need is the ability to shift your perspective. With A’ra in your corner, you’ll learn how to tap into inner resources and generate greater possibilities for experiencing the life you want with freedom and on purpose.

Through coaching and counseling, it is A’ra’s intention to support you in your Highest Truth. She uses Spiritual CounselingLife Balance Mastery and Pure Awareness Coaching, Guided Imagery, Energetic Trauma Resolution, Affirmative Prayer, and other methods agreed upon between the two of you. In your time together, you will establish and fulfill a plan of action that incorporates 6 life balance areas:

Health ~ Home ~ Career

Finances ~ Relationships ~ Spiritual Practices

With the right tools and support, you can learn how to balance your life with confidence and joy. Together, you will create a path to success that includes tools and techniques to overcome blocks and barriers that have prevented your success in the past.

A’ra trusts you will receive great value from your work together. As your personal mentor, she will hold the high watch for you to turn your dreams into reality. Whether a career opportunity, a health goal, a relationship enhancement, or simply more ease and grace with every day living, she can show you the easiest and most effortless path to your success. Your role is to open to the possibilities that await you and put into practice that which comes forth in your sessions. Welcome to the new and improved you.

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