Beyond Stories

Consciously Creating Your Life’s Adventure

What stories are running in your subconscious or conscious mind that limit your full Sacred Expression? 

If you were able to get beyond all the stories that are part of your history, how free would you be? Every idea we have about life, whether regarding relationships, money, health, or purpose, is based on a belief that someone gave to us. These beliefs are stories that run continually in our minds, whether we’re conscious of them or not.

Earnest Holmes said, “We are bound because we are first free!”

This bondage is due to our attachments to our stories. It scares the hell out of us to even contemplate who we would be if we didn’t hold fast to the stories we’ve used to define ourselves. But those definitions keep us small.

So what if we let them all go? As a collective, what if we simply stopped buying into all the stories we continue to perpetuate!

  • Imagine a world filled with infinite possibilities
  • Imagine a world where unconditional love and acceptance were the norm
  • Image a world where every need was so well met, that need lost any meaning or purpose
  • Imagine a world that worked for everyone!

Would you be willing to give up your stories to live in that kind of world?

If so, get clear about your stories and patterns. Start noticing how they have formed your world. Then use the Elemental Releasing Ceremony from my book Sacred Sexuality, Reclaiming the Divine Feminine to release your stories.

You can’t just turn from the conditions that created your present circumstances. The stories you’ve been telling yourself are on automatic. You must turn toward a higher truth.

What is that higher truth for you?

Imagine your slate were wiped clean of every story. You are now the writer, the director, and the producer of your life. All resources and knowledge are available for you to sculpt this your way. Could you write a best seller? Your life depends on a yes!

Step outside of your old paradigm and write the Best Seller you came here to experience!