From the time her sister gave her a diary for her 13th birthday, A’ra has been in love with the written word. Something about creating pictures in the mind by stringing words together makes her feel like she could invent alternate realities to suit her mood. She never really saw herself as an author. Words were simply a part of her.

AuthorA’ra has explored many genres including short stories, drama and playwriting, nature, travel, and food writing. She’s tried her hand at freelance writing and has been published through the Associated Press. She’s written for professional journals, and has even had a poem published. It seems she cannot not write!

A’ra has volumes of various writing projects in her private library. They include several finished screenplays and young adult fantasy adventure novels as well as a historical fiction novel circa 1300 B.C.

While these pursuits honed her writing, her passion remained with journaling.

“Writing in my journal allows my Soul to express Its passion to heal,” A’ra says. It’s no wonder that her Soul’s passion would branch into spiritual books.

The awakening A’ra had on the island of Oahu lead to her first book, Communing With the Infinite, A Path of Awakening Awareness. For months, she felt a nudged at night, which she attributes to her Soul waking her in the wee hours of the morning to write. The plethora of tools she received for deepening her spiritual connection became a guide to share with others.

A’ra greatest healing came through her second book, Sacred Sexuality, Reclaiming the Divine Feminine. “This was not an easy book to write,” A’ra says. However, the catharsis it created took healing to a new level. She’s now serving others on their sacred sexuality healing path.

Still, she returns to journaling. “I have journaled almost daily since that first diary.” A’ra says with fondness. This branched into a weekly blog, The Power for Change, which A’ra has published for almost four years.

“Most blog topics have come from the pages of my journal. They are my Soul’s education of me. My deepening connection to my Divinity.”